Moulds construction

Constructions of injection moulds are made on the basis of ready projects provided by the Client or we can carry out the process of the project on the basis of the guidelines such as model of the detail, number of mountings or production volume, information about injection machine and the injected material. We use certified materials and standards only from the European producers to construct a form.

On the Client’s request we help with the selection of the most optimal tool construction solutions when it comes to quality and price; from hot runners to mechanical-hydraulic systems of the feed of moving parts.

2D and 3D design

To design tools, making modifications or repair we use computer aids such as CAD/CAM/CAE, dedicated to operations
on VISI injection moulds.

Moulds modification

We perform the service of modification of injection moulds on the basis of documentation received from the Client. We implement construction changes in the moulding mountings as well as in the adapting of the tool to another machine.

Spare parts production

We construct spare parts to injection moulds on the basis of a drawing or model, and guidelines concerning the material and roughness
or hardness of the surface chosen.

Locksmith works

We offer full scope of locksmith services such as: tools maintenance, fitting cores, inserts, mould alignment, welding, damaged edges reclamation, polishing, blast cleaning, etc.

Special orders

Another service we offer is manufacture of production line elements, mounting elements, machines and appliances parts (mainly heads of laser welding machines, locking systems) andother elements out of injection moulds scope.